A man thinking about all the food he wants to eat but becomes sad as remembers indigestion that comes with it.

However, he spots a bottle of PRODUCT lying on his table,

After seeing a bottle of PRODUCT, a very happy man imagines different scenarios with his favourite people.

The pizza guy that came to deliver his order,

Iya Bose that sells food down the road,

The lady that hawks ofada rice close to his office.

Voiceover: PRODUCT, get straight to work on the symptoms of heartburn and indigestion

Story Board

NAME: Jude Ozomena
Age: 27
Occupation: Graphic Designer





Jude is looking through his empty fridge and thinking about all the meals that he could be eating.

Images of Ofada rice, Pizza, Amala, and other meals are seen in a thought bubble. His thoughts are interrupted with an image of him having a stomach upset.

Jude remembers the bottle of PRODUCT in his room and smiles.

As Jude sights the bottle he begins to daydream about all the different types of food he can enjoy now that he has PRODUCT


He opens the door at intervals to collect meals from different food vendors.

He is seen eating different meals

He starts rubbing his chest as if in pain. Then picks the bottle of PRODUCT with a smile on his face.

Voiceover: PRODUCT relieves heartburn & indigestion.

Gut Problems, Get PRODUCT

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